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Published: September 2, 2022

Why we don't rely 100% on logic to make $ decisions

How much do you rely on logic to make money decisions?

How much do you think emotion comes into play?

Believe it or not, we all have an emotional relationship with money.1

And that relationship is different for every one of us.1

Your money personality is the product of your circumstances, experiences, and so much more.1

It’s behind your beliefs about money, and it feeds into the positive or negative feelings you have about it.1

So, how has your money personality shaped your views and financial choices?

Answering that question is the focus of this month’s Visual Insights Newsletter.

Click here to see it!

Getting to know your money personality can be eye-opening (and maybe even fun).

So is stepping into someone else’s shoes to see how they think about money differently.

And, no matter what type of money personality you have, it helps to get to know it a little better.

If you do, you can gain far more than just a fresh perspective. You may also discover better ways to make your financial future even brighter.

Go ahead and click here to learn more about your money personality and see how it stacks up to other personality types. 

P.S. What’s one of your first childhood memories related to money? What stands out about it and how do you think it shapes your financial outlook today? Hit “comment” and share your story. I’d love to hear how your earliest experiences with money have stuck with you.

1 - https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/28/7-money-personality-types-and-the-pitfalls-of-each.html

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