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Published: April 9, 2022

When the investing "facts" you know are wrong

Have you heard that we only use 10% of our brains?

Or that lightning never strikes the same spot twice?

Think those are scientific facts?

Well, they’re not.

They’re actually a couple of myths that have been debunked. But many folks still take them for facts.1

In the long run, believing those myths may not matter at all. You may lose a trivia game, but those myths won’t affect your wallet or financial decision.

The myths about investing can, though.

Have you bought into any of them without realizing it?

Investment myths can easily disguise themselves as facts. And they can mislead us into making choices that don’t line up with what we really need or want.

Those myths and the facts behind them are the focus of this month’s Visual Insights Newsletter.

Click here to see it!

The truth is it’s easy to fall for the myths about investing, no matter how old or smart you are — and no matter what experience you’ve had in the markets.

If you know the facts, though, you can look past the fiction and make better, more sound investment decisions.

And that can help you stay on track to the financial future you really want.

Go ahead and click here to see if you’ve fallen for a myth about investing.

P.S. When was the last time you found out that some “fact” you believed was actually false? How did you discover the truth? And how did you react and how did the truth change things for you? Hit “comment” below and tell me. I’d love to hear how you’ve adjusted after learning new facts that challenge you.

1 -https://www.osc.org/popular-science-myths-debunked-%E2%80%A2-clearing-up-misconceptions/

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