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Published: January 21, 2023

How a fresh start in life can change your brain

You can rewire your brain whenever you reset your habits.1

It’s true.

Whether you’re breaking old habits or trying to create new ones, you can change how your brain thinks and literally functions at any age in life.

When you do, you’re changing your basal ganglia — the part of the brain responsible for habits, emotions, and memories.1

The basal ganglia tends to operate without much conscious attention.

REWARD! That’s what your basal ganglia “thinks” when the right (or wrong) cue comes along.

As soon as that happens, you automatically act and your brain links the feeling of “REWARD!” to that behavior.1

Those links are built into the synapses in our basal ganglia.

That’s why habits feel so automatic — and it’s why starting fresh with certain habits can be so tough.1

But it’s not impossible.

And it can be a whole lot easier when you know how to take advantage of the fresh start effect.2

Want to read more about how the fresh start effect works and how to make it work for you? Click here to check out the rest.

P.S. What was the last habit you changed, whether it was starting or stopping a pattern? How long did it take and how is your life different now? Hit “comment” and share your story. I’d love to hear how you’ve rewired your brain and how your life has changed since.


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