Our Process as Your Financial Advisor

Although everyone has different investment needs and goals, we follow the same process for each of our clients. 

Murray Financial Services Process Map
Paramount to a successful journey is the coordination of planning and execution. Your financial odyssey is no different. A lack of planning and execution often results in fear, anxiety, and regret. As your financial advisor, our job is to remove the fear and anxiety surrounding your financial future.


Successful relationships build a foundation of trust. 27 years of experience as a financial advisor managing the volatile landscape of investing has taught us the importance of understanding clients separately and uniquely.

The first step is a structured discovery meeting. This allows us to gain an understanding of what is important to you. We will also explain our philosophy and approach to financial planning and asset management.

A major component of that understanding is developing an awareness of the relationship between risk and reward. The knowledge we gain from that discussion forms the design of a portfolio, which seeks to align you with your acceptable levels of risk and return. This allows us to advance together with confidence.

To help with this process we take advantage of dynamic analytical software developed by Riskalyze. With Riskalyze you discover your personal risk tolerance. It utilizes a scientific method based upon research that has been awarded a Nobel Prize for Economics.
Investor education has always been at the forefront of a successful investment experience. Knowing this, we take the time to educate every client on how the capital markets work.

Understanding that circumstances change as lives and economies change, this education does not stop after the initial meeting. We strive to provide ongoing communication in order to equip clients with the knowledge required for a positive investment experience.

We will provide you with the knowledge you need to:

• Understand your investment time horizon.
• Set rate of return objectives.
• Understand risk and establish your tolerance for risk.

STEP 2. PORTFOLIO DESIGN & Implementation

A master craftsman uses several different tools, each with its own specific function, to construct one’s dream home. Similarly, no one investment or asset class is apt to provide the best solution to meet one’s financial goals and objectives. We provide clients with a recommended strategy wherein diversification across a range of asset classes is the portfolio goal. The recommendation of the proposed strategy takes into consideration that there is a direct relationship between risk and return. Understanding that, exposure to the various dimensions of risk balanced against your objectives, tolerance for risk, and the markets associated volatility.

After the relationship between risk and return is understood, and appropriate asset allocation has been chosen, the plan is implemented in a fee-based investment account. A fee-based account, rather than a commission-based account, allows for unbiased advice and greater transparency of associated costs.


The investment climate is constantly changing. This makes it essential to maintain a disciplined watch over our client’s portfolios. We review every portfolio quarterly and make necessary adjustments to keep everything in line with the goals and objectives. Additionally, we contact our clients several times each year to keep them up to date with the status of their portfolios. It is also crucial that we know of changes in their lives that may require an adjustment to the management of their portfolios.

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