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Our mission is to help you reduce concern and confusion about your financial future so you can worry less and enjoy life more.

A Local Financial Advisor Providing Transparent Advice.

Thoughtful financial planning and honest discussions about risk to help you make wise decisions about your future.


An experienced and disciplined financial advisor can help you navigate a successful financial future by employing tactics designed to detect the risks and obstacles that pose threats to your desired goals.

With over 27 years of experience providing disciplined and prudent advice, we help our clients to identify and navigate a well charted course through the ocean of financial decisions which life presents. As a fiduciary financial advisor we have a duty to put your needs and goals ahead of our own and do so completely free of commission incentives.


Paramount to a successful journey is the coordination of planning and execution. Your financial odyssey is no different, and a lack of planning and execution often results in fear, anxiety and regret.
Introduction Call
Discovery Meeting
Strategy Meeting
Commitment & Onboarding
Plan Implementation
Discipline Review & Maintenance

A quick assessment to see if we are a good fit.

This 15 minute call provides you an opportunity to get a feel for our firm so you can decide if you want to continue on the path by scheduling a more in depth Discovery Meeting. In this conversation you will be able to share your expectations for working with an advisor, and I will share more about our firm and mapping process.

If we determine that we are a good fit to work together we will schedule a Discovery Meeting, and if we determine we are not a good fit I will provide ant further input I can to help get you on your best path.

Schedule a 15-minute Introduction Call

Learning who you are and where you want to go.

The purpose of this meeting is to explore where you are presently on your journey, where you to go, and to identify the gaps and obstacles along your path.

Successful relationships are built on a foundation of trust. 28 years of navigating the always changing landscape of planning and investing has taught us the importance of understanding clients separately and uniquely.

A major component of that understanding is developing awareness of the relationship between risk and reward. The knowledge we gain from that discussion forms the design of a portfolio, which seeks to align you with your acceptable levels of risk and return. This allows us to advance together with confidence.

From the knowledge we gained in our first meeting we will build a personalized plan which will serve as the map for the path to the future you dream of.

The goal of this meeting is to review our recommendations, discuss appropriate adjustments and commit to your path forward.

Within this plan will be guided to help you:

  • Gain clarity about your long term needs and objectives.

  • Understand your future expenses.

  • Determine and define an acceptable tolerance for risk.

  • Establish rate of return objectives.

  • Develop an understanding of investment strategy.

  • Bridge spending gaps resulting from a deficit between your expenses and pension income.

Following the strategy meeting we will meet again to address any additional questions you may have. Once we have reached a mutual agreement to move forward, we will finalize the documents which are required to allow us to manage your money.

Our process helps to forecast the likelihood that you will always have enought money, so you can have the confidence to worry less and spend your time enjoying the things you value most.

  • Exploring your WHAT IFs and measuring the long term impact on your overall plan.

  • How to harvest a retirement income stream from your accumulated assets.

  • Ongoing tax planning to reduce your tax bill.

  • Intelligent portfolio design which aligns your return objectives and risk tolerance.

  • Allocating resources to provide for what you value most.

Critical to a successful investment experience is an understanding that risk and return are directly related. Too often a disconnect between an investor's tolerance for risk and the level of risk they are exposing themselves to in their portfolios results in disappointment, frustration and anxiety. Although we can never completely eliminate investment risk, we take steps to identify a level of risk which you are comfortable with and build a portfolio based upon that risk tolerance.

To help with this process we take advantage of dynamic analytical software developed by Riskalyze, which helps us to discover your personal risk tolerance by utilizing a scientific method based upon research that has been awarded a Nobel Prize for Economics.

Is Your Dream on Track?
When you’re worried about your financial future, it is difficult to maximize your enjoyment in life. Once you relieve yourself of the stress and burden of worrying about your financial security, you can free up your energy and channel it towards living a more fulfilling life.

Our retirement goals calculator can help you to worry less about your future by identifying steps that you can take towards achieving your financial goals. With a defined and disciplined plan in place, you can worry less about your future and enjoy life more.


financial planning

A well-crafted financial plan can help to reduce fears of an uncertain financial future so you can worry less and enjoy life more. First, we will work together to gain an understanding of your current financial picture. Then we will develop a set of strategies designed to help you to live the life of your dreams.
Learn more about Financial Planning

investment strategy

Our process of constructing investment portfolios begins with an understanding that there is a direct relationship between risk and return. From that understanding we build portfolios which hold a broad range of diverse asset classes, and are balanced against each client’s unique tolerance for risk.
Learn more about Investment Strategy

asset management

A relationship with Murray Financial Services is like having a private CFO who acts as an independent trusted fiduciary. We seek to provide unparalleled service and true peace of mind regarding your financial security and all of your asset management.
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Kevin Murray - Financial Advisor

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Kevin I. Murray

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(530) 896-5484


As your local financial advisor, Murray Financial Services provides these weekly and quarterly market reports so that our client can have a better understanding of how the markets are continually changing.
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